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Beautiful Masquerade Masks

Unique handmade venetian masks,
shipped safely to your door in as fast as 2 days

Most Popular Masks:

Colombina Barocco Cavalli Silver
$79.00 USD Colombina Barocco Cavalli Silver
Colombina Harlequin 2
$79.00 USD Colombina Harlequin 2
Colombina Mezza Black Masquerade Mask
$39.00 USD Colombina Mezza Black
Diavolo Red Devil
$69.00 USD Diavolo Red Devil
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Friends are saying...

"This mask was surprisingly light and fits so beautifully - almost like it was made for my face."
- mischiefmydear.com

"The craftsmanship is impeccable and no detail has been overlooked. The fabrics and materials are of the highest quality. The feathers are luxurious and flawless."
- sophistiquenoir.com

"It was so much lighter (weight wise) than I expected, but looks just as beautiful as in their product pictures, the detail is amazing." - hannamarielei.com

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Welcome to VIVO Masks

We sell high quality venetian masquerade masks and other high end costume accessories including top hats and fascinators. Our masks specifically are made for exotic events such as masquerade balls, mardi gras, weddings, prom and just about any other kind of party of festival.  
All our masquerade masks are handmade in Italy, and with our warehouses in the USA, we're able to provide you with one of the widest selections of quality venetian masquerade masks available online, and FREE shipping directly from our warehouses to your door in a matter of days — just in time for your event. Read more about shipping > 
Take your time to explore our elegant venetian masquerade masks collection today, including our line of masquerade masks for men and women's masquerade masks.  
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