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We sell high quality venetian masquerade masks and other high end costume accessories including top hats and fascinators. Our masks specifically are made for exotic events such as masquerade balls, mardi gras, weddings, prom and just about any other kind of party of festival.  
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Entertaining Masquerade Party Games for Adults
June 13, 2014

If you’re throwing a masquerade party, obviously you want your guests to have fun. This doesn’t just mean providing entertainment on the form of a band or show, but also making sure the guests are interacting and enjoying themselves. One way to break the ice and keep your guests occupied for part of the party is to organize some games. Here we’ve rounded up a few favorites (and given them a masked twist) for you to try at your next masquerade party...

Where to buy Gossip Girl Masquerade Masks
May 30, 2014

Whether you’re  areal-life Chuck Bass or Serena Van der Woodsen, we’re sure you’ve got plenty of glitz, glamor, scheming, and partying (of course) to get up to. Here we’ve rounded up our favorite six  masks inspired by the infamous Gossip Girl masquerade party...

Where to buy Romeo & Juliet Masquerade Masks
May 12, 2014

We’ve all read the love story to end all love stories, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. We’re in love with Baz Luhrmann’s cinematic version starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes. The moment that captured our hearts is when Romeo and Juliet first meet, at the Capulets’ extravagant costume party. Here we’ve picked seven masks inspired by Romeo’s knight-in-shining-armor costume and Juliet’s sweet, angelic ensemble so you can create your very own romantic encounter...

Our Favourite Masquerade Masks for Weddings
April 22, 2014

We love weddings here at VIVO Masks—we think they’re beautiful occasions filled with romance and glamour and lots of personality. So whether you’re the bride-to-be, a member of the wedding party, or simply a guest, we’ve picked out some of our favorite masquerade masks that are perfect for a wedding with a touch of mystery and intrigue...