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The History of Venetian Masquerade Masks

Masks have been a topic of intrigue for centuries. While they are used in many cultures, no type of masks conjure mystery and intrigue quite like Venetian masquerade masks.

The origins of the Venetian mask are hazy. 

There are no historical references indicating their original usage, and the first reference to masking dates to 1268, when it was outlawed to perform certain activities while masked.

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10 Must-See Venetian Masquerade Mask Tattoos

Artist: Jeff Gogue

This colorful tattoo is evocative of the richness of color and use of embellishments in Venetian masquerade masks. It features heavy detail including jewels, feathers, and fabric. The color palette is primarily red, orange, and yellow, giving it a distinct Autumnal feel.

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Ballroom Dancing Etiquette: 12 Key Rules

So you like balls? So do we! 

Whether you're heading off to your next fundraiser, masquerade ball, or dance lesson. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind, before you enter the ballroom.

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