The 7 Different Types of Masquerade Masks

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With so many masquerade masks out there, it’s not always easy to decide which one to buy. What style should you wear? Which color should you choose? How do you know if it’s suitable for the event you’re attending? Is it an accurate expression of your personality? 

There are many factors that play into deciding which masquerade mask you’ll want to wear to an event; the occasion, your outfit, and the image you want to convey are the three main factors to consider. Here, we’ll guide you through the different types of masquerade masks to help you decide which mask is right for you.


The Bauta

L-R: Bauta Barocco Gold, Bauta Barocco Silver, Bauta Cera

Looks like: It’s got a square-ish jaw, large chin, and no mouth. Covers the full face and is often either heavily gilded or stark white.

Historically: Standardized Venetian disguise required at political decision-making events, thereby ensuring anonymity.

For: Men who want to get lost in a crowd, and break a few rules.

Wear it to: That party where you want to make an impression when you bump into that special someone.


The Colombina

L-R: Colombina Musica, Colombina Stella Silver White, Colombina Mezza Sky Blue

Looks like: It’s a half-mask that is often heavily decorated. Often colorful, this type of mask only covers the wearer’s eyes, cheeks, and sometimes nose.

Historically: Named after a maidservant in the Commedia dell’arte; originally the female counterpart of the Bauta.

For: A woman who isn’t afraid to let her personality shine through, and nowadays, there are male versions of the Colombina, which offer men a lighter mask with less coverage than other models.

Wear it to: The fete of the season, where everyone who’s anyone will be in attendance.


The Medico della Peste


Naso Peste Cera

Looks like: It’s got a really long hollow beak, round eyes (and sometimes wire glasses). Usually simple in design, rarely ornate.

Historically: Worn by plague doctors to prevent the spread of disease.

For: Men with a love of all things kooky (and maybe a little kinky?), history buffs, and hypochondriacs.

Wear it to: Summer parties, Halloween, and pretty much anything in between.


The Volto

L-R: Volto Macrame Maschile Gold, Volto Barocco Gold

Looks like: It’s a simple style that covers the entire face, and depicts basic facial features such as the lips and nose.

Historically: Guaranteed complete and utter anonymity as no part of the face shows.

For: Those who want to make a mysterious entrance, and a quiet exit.

Wear it to: A masquerade party where you want to avoid being recognized by a certain someone.


The Pantalone

Pulcinella Bordeaux, Capitano Ibiz, Naso Pulcinella Silver 

Looks like: Features a sizeable hook nose that looks like a beak, and slanted eyes.

Historically: Derived from a classic character in Italian theater, Pantalone had a witty, intelligent personality.

For: The joker in the group; the man who easily strikes up conversation, makes friends, and tells the funniest jokes in the room.

Wear it to: A cocktail party or masked ball—any occasion will do. After all, do you really need a reason to dazzle them all with your sparkling wit?


The Arlecchino

L-R: Trepunte Uomo Stick, Tricorno Tarocchi Uomo

Looks like: Joker-like, colorful, with a short nose and arched brows. Sometimes the mask includes a large headpiece and/or collar, possibly with bells on.

Historically: Another character from the Commedia dell’arte; Arlecchino is devoid of reason and often the servant of the wittier, more intelligent Pantalone.

For: The prankster and the laugh-out-loud bon vivant with the big smile.

Wear it to: An April Fool’s party, Halloween, or just for kicks.


The Zanni

Zanni Gold 

Looks like: A long nose, not too dissimilar from the Medico della Peste. Also features bulging eyebrows and a low forehead.

Historically: But beware—the longer the nose, the stupider the character is deemed!

For: The fun-loving person who wants to be completely unrecognizable.

Wear it to: A casual masquerade party, pre-weekend drinks, or to break into your co-workers cubicle.



Got any questions for us? Need help selecting a mask? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect piece.

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18 Responses


May 30, 2016

It help me for my project I love zanni


May 15, 2016

i love the ones with a big nose

Sebastian Bogdan
Sebastian Bogdan

May 15, 2016



April 26, 2016

the Arlecchino is the best


September 30, 2015

Great help for my art homework, I especially like the colombina. x

Josie Gralend
Josie Gralend

September 23, 2015

I like the Volto and the Columbina. Crazy just like my boyfriend


May 27, 2015

Love the Volto :)


May 12, 2015

in art i am learning masks thank goodness this was here it is sooooooooooooo helpful and they are so beautiful xoxoxox


May 07, 2015

i luv da colomnina


March 11, 2015

awesome masks I love them put more they must be fab


January 12, 2015

love the colombina !!!!

robert martin
robert martin

October 15, 2014

The medicodella peste my type of mask


September 17, 2014

Helped me with my Art homework and love the Arlecchino


May 14, 2014

Helped a lot with homework and luv the colonbina


April 28, 2014

i love the medico dela peste just because of the name


March 11, 2014

I luv the colombia mask .I had to draw one


January 21, 2014

I luv d colonbina masks


December 14, 2013

I like the volto. Very simple and classic!

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