7 Aphrodisiac Foods to Serve at Your Next Party

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Why: Its Vitamin E content ensures you’ll be looking healthy and gorgeous, while it also boosts hormones associated with sexual desire and arousal.

Serve: Mini asparagus quiches.



Why: There’s a reason to indulge in this decadent treat that isn’t just about taste. Chocolate is known to release endorphins and the “love chemical”, or PEA, which in turn releases dopamine, a chemical that transmits all of those happy, fuzzy feelings to your brain.

Serve: A dark chocolate fountain with fruit to dip.



Why: A fruit associated with love and fertility in Ancient Greece is bound to have some romantic purpose, right? They’re a great source of potassium minerals and iron, all of which are needed to help your body keep your stamina up.

Serve: Figs wrapped in prosciutto and drizzled with a little balsamic vinegar.



Why: Full of juicy red kernels that pop in your mouth, this ruby fruit has antioxidant properties as well as being full of vitamins—C in particular. Their stunning bright color (incidentally that of passion), and their unexpected texture help create a sensory experience that’s sure to arouse multiple senses.

Serve: Pomegranate juice and kernels in a drink—we recommend this for a twist on a classic martini.



Why: Believe it or not, this fridge staple is a food that enhances arousal. Full of zinc and l-arginine, these unassuming foods are perfect for getting you—and keeping you— in the mood.

Serve: Deviled eggs. For a more delicate version, use quail’s eggs.



Why: They’re full of amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones, as well as being packed with zinc, which helps increase testosterone.

Serve: raw from the shell, with fresh lime or lemon squeezed on top, or breaded and deep-fried if you’re worried about them sitting out too long.


Chile Peppers


Why: Chile peppers contain Capsaicin, which is what makes them hot. What this also does is make you hot—it increases your circulation and stimulates nerve endings, making them extra sensitive.

Serve: Chile pepper chutney along with your cheese board.

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