Where to Buy a Fifty Shades of Grey Mask

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The Fifty Shades trilogy swept the world by storm with its timeless romance between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Masquerade masks are featured as a key part of the second novel, Fifty Shades Darker, where Christian invites Anastasia to a masquerade ball. Here at VIVO Masks, we’ve not only got the masks they wore to the party, but a few others that are sure to spice up your love life. Here’s our favorite 10 masks inspired by the book:

The Anastastia Mask

Colombina Piume Stella Silver Skyblue $35

The Christian Grey Mask

Mystery Leather Black I $60

The Mia Mask

Colombina Cascade Pink $120

The Dashing Host (Master of Ceremonies) Mask

Colombina Harlequin 2 $60

The Grace Mask

Colombina Springtime 1 – Mint Green/Gold $60


The Carrick Mask

Naso Pulcinella Oro $35

The Giving In Masks

Colombina Bling White $75

Burano Leather B $70

The Red Room of Pain Masks

For Her: Fellini Gala C $60


For Him: Caligola A $150

When purchasing a masquerade mask, make sure you look at masks from reliable sources. Here at VIVO Masks, all of our products are authentic Venetian masks, handmade in Venice, Italy by expert craftsmen. We use only the highest quality materials to bring you the best possible product on the market. After all, Christian Grey would only want the best, right?


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March 12, 2017

Hi im looking 2 get 40 fiftyshades masks for 21st birthday party how much please


September 26, 2015

will you have the Ana mask avalible for Holloween this year

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