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Sexpert, Grace B., shares her secrets and insights to incorporating masks into the bedroom.


When you hear the phrase ‘Masks in the bedroom’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you said sleeping, then this article may have some surprises for you, because that’s not what we will be talking about today.  Unless you have been living under a rock, you have most likely seen or heard of 50 Shades Of Grey & Eyes Wide Shut. These two movies perfectly illustrate for us the two main reasons that a person, male or female, would don a mask for sexual purposes.


In 50 Shades Of Grey, the main character is shown submissively blindfolded. A Mask like the one above, is perfect for this exploration of sexual sensory play. When a person is blindfolded, all other senses are heightened. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate things such as ice, floggers, feathers, paddles, warm body candles and various vibrating toys. The excitement of not knowing what will happen next, what sensation will be felt next can intensify arousal, sometimes even to the point of orgasm. This is a small part of BDSM and can be incorporated into many erotic techniques.


Eyes Wide Shut depicts various sexual partners in beautiful masquerade masks. These types of masks (shown above), are the perfect way to experiment with role playing. It adds some variety to the routine and can spice up any sex life. Obscuring yours or your partner’s face can be erotic as well as mysterious. It also makes it easier to immerse yourself in the fantasy you and your partner have chosen. With such a large variety of beautiful masks, from simple to ornate, there are many combinations for enhancing an endless number of fantasies.


There are a few things to remember when thinking about masks for intimacy. Number one is always communicate with your partner. Some people have an absolute fear of masks or can find certain types of masks or blindfolds off putting. Always be sure to talk about mask play and sensory play before putting one to use. Number two is that just because you incorporate a mask in the bedroom from time to time does not mean that you have a mask fetish. A fetish must be the single controlling force behind a person’s sexual arousal. So try one, try a few and as always be safe, consensual and have fun.

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