5 Valentine’s Day Cocktails and Masquerade Mask Pairings

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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of all. Whether you celebrate it because of tradition, or because you have a special someone to cozy up to, we recommend mixing up a little cocktail and combining it with a sexy little masquerade mask for an added bit of allure and romance. Here we’ve rounded up five of our V-Day favorites with an added twist, so you can celebrate in style.

1. Dainty’s Cranberry Gimlet

Get the recipe here.

L-R: Cocktail image via; for her: Colombina Fiore Red, for him: Colombina Red Ink

We love the deep red hue of this cranberry cocktail. With its simple twist on a classic cosmopolitan, it’s sure to add a bit of romance to your evening. We especially love it paired with these simple colombina-style masquerade masks in a matching wine-red hue.

2. Charleston Fizz

Get the recipe here.

L-R: Cocktail image via; for her: Colombina Springtime 4 Pink Rose Gold, for him: Phantom of the Opera Silver 

Valentine’s Day is just as much about sweet flirtation as it is about love and romance. If you just want to have a little fun—whether with friends or a certain someone—then this sweet Charleston Fizz is the perfect cocktail for you. With its soft peachy-pink hue and light sparkle, it’s got all the right ingredients for a scintillating evening. We love it paired with elegant masks in metallic and pastel shades for a fun game of peek-a-boo.

3. Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Martini

Get the recipe here.

L-R: Cocktail image via; for her: Red Vixen Blindfold, for him: Odissey Fetish Black

If you’ve made plans with that special someone for a sultry Valentine’s Day, then this cocktail and erotic mask combo will definitely add some spice to your night. Featuring chocolate (an aphrodisiac), and leather masks, this is the ideal combination for some serious fun.

4. The Smoky Robinson 

Get the recipe here.

L-R: Cocktail image via; for her: Mon Amour Strass Gold, for him: Colombina Stucchi Gold

If you like avoiding all of the clichés associated with Valentine’s Day (think all things heart-shaped and pink and red), but you still want to celebrate, then this cocktail is just the thing. With warm flavors and smoky notes, it pairs beautifully with ornate gold masks for a night to remember.

5. Blood Orange Sangria

Get the recipe here.

L-R: Cocktail image via; for her: Colombina Regal Red Satin, for him: Colombina Harlequin Orange/Red Duo 15

If you like drinks that are delicate and fruity (but still pack a punch), then this blood orange sangria is just the thing to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day. We love to pair it with these festive red and gold masks for an unexpected burst of color that’ll definitely add an element of surprise to your celebrations.

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