Where to buy Vampire Diaries masquerade masks

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We love a good romance, especially when it’s a steamy love triangle like the one on The Vampire Diaries. Whether you’re looking to win someone’s heart or steal away the girl of your dreams, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Vampire Diaries-inspired masquerade masks just for you.

For the Leading Lady

L-R: Elise V, Occhialino Black, Mireille XY

If you fancy yourself a bit of a real-life Elena Gilbert—perhaps with several suitors in your pursuit—then these masks will help replicate her look. Elena wears a laser-cut metallic mask in black, with crystal accents. We love intricate little masks which are delicate and sexy, and perfect with any outfit.

For the Sexy Sidekick

L-R: Smoking, Catwoman Silver Barocca Stick, Colombina + Stick Black

 If you’re not into love triangles but would rather focus on just having a great night out, then we’ve got you sorted. Like Caroline from the show, we love masks with sticks in metallic and golden hues, or a mask like Bonnie’s which is similar to Elena’s but with bolder lines and a little more coverage.

For the Broody Vampire

Fiamma X, Colombina Red Ink, Colombina Leather Brown, Mystery Leather Black I  

Even if you’re not a vampire like the leading men on The Vampire Diaries, you can still be a little bit bad. For the masquerade party, both men wore dark masks—Damon a pitch-black piece with pointed corners, and Stefan a burgundy-hued number. Our interpretation is dark, and definitely more naughty than nice.




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keyla villanueva
keyla villanueva

July 23, 2015

I really love the mask Damon wears. It just suits him very well

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