Where to buy Gossip Girl Masquerade Masks

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Whether you’re a real-life Chuck Bass or Serena Van der Woodsen, we’re sure you’ve got plenty of glitz, glamor, scheming, and partying (of course) to get up to. Here we’ve rounded up our favorite six  masks inspired by the infamous Gossip Girl masquerade party.

For the Boys

Where to buy: Diavolo Red, Fantasma dell’Opera Gold, Colombina Leather Black

The three leading men of Gossip Girl—Chuck, Nate, and Dan— kept their look sleek and elegant with simple, unembellished masks to reflect each of their distinct personalities; Chuck the Daredevil, Nate the Gold Boy, and Dan the Dark Horse. Which one are you?

For the Girls

Where to buy: Mon Amour Strass, Catwoman Barocca Gold, Colombina Cloud Sky Blue

The leading ladies of Gossip Girl kept things really interesting with their choices of masquerade masks. Serena kept things bright with a golden butterfly-like mask to match her golden locks and sunny disposition, Blair kept things dark, elegant, and understated—perfectly in line with her personality and fashion aesthetic, and Jenny Humphrey kept it sweet and simple (with a stylish twist) by donning a pastel-colored mask with feathers. Of all the Gossip Girls, which one would you rather be?

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August 06, 2014

When I saw your masks, this Gossip Girl episode is the first thing that came to mind! I love Serena’s mask, though Jenny’s is fun too!

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