7 Stylish Accessories for Women Attending a Masquerade Ball

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Masquerade Mask

Colombina Macrame Gold, Colombina Stella Red/Black, Colombina Pois Pink

If you’re going to a masquerade ball, then the first accessory you’ll need to get is a masquerade mask. If you haven’t bought a mask before, look for one that’s authentic Venetian, and that works with your dress…and personality. We like simple Colombina styles that are easy and comfortable to wear.



Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo, Bottega Veneta

Finding the perfect clutch to take with you to a masquerade ball is essential. It needs to be small and dainty, while still being spacious enough to fit everything you’ll need to get you through the evening. We love structured little clutches that’ll fit your essentials.



Erickson Beamon, Alexander McQueen, Herve Van Der Straeten

Even if you’re wearing a plain dress, don’t forget that you can dress it up by pairing it with some amazing jewelry. While we recommend keeping things simple, a statement piece will add punch and sparkle to any outfit.



Chan Luu, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney 

While there’s definitely something romantic about borrowing a handsome stranger’s tux jacket to keep warm, there’s nothing cute about standing out in the cold shivering. Bring something warm to throw over your shoulders for those chilly outdoor moments. We love luxurious fabrics like silk , cashmere, and merino wool.


Phone Case

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney

While a masquerade ball isn’t the place to be making calls, you might need your phone to send a sneaky text or two, or to save that handsome stranger’s number. Look stylish and elegant with a phone case that’ll take your plain old phone from blah to evening-appropriate.


Hair Clip

Jennifer Behr, Valentino, Anna Khouri 

Often overlooked, the simple hairclip can make—or ruin—an outfit. Choose wisely when attending a masquerade ball; you want something simple and decorative, with lots of grip. Make sure it’s easy to sue too, in case you need to fix your ‘do after a dance.



Okay, so this isn’t technically an accessory, but well-groomed nails are absolutely necessary when attending a ball. You’ll be meeting lots of people and shaking lots of hands, not to mention dancing and holding wine glasses. All of these things get your hands noticed, so enhance your overall look with beautifully manicured nails, maybe with an embellishment or two.

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